Family Business Network Global Summit

Family Business Network Global Summit

For the past 30 years, the Family Business Network (FBN) has been organizing annually, the FBN Global Summit, a unique and thought-leading event for business-owning families, provides opportunities for Family Business owners to learn from each other and share best practices in a trusted and safe environment. Over the years, this gathering has become the flagship event of the FBN Federation and the world’s leading Family Business event.

We attended  FBN Global Summit in Paris, between 8-10 November, with the intention to keep the pulse on where the Family Business owners and Family Offices are in deploying capital for impact.


“From Business Sustainability to Impact At Scale”

We participated in a session at Family Business Network Global Summit where the association announced that the sustainability initiative Polaris is now being transformed into Impact. The session started by Andrew Bryson acknowledging the level of interest and activity of those in the room towards impact and by speaking into that we will not be looking into impact 101 but will be directly diving into 201, moving from learning to action.

We opened with remarks of Chavalit Frederick Tsao and were guided by Jason Jay through the framework of MIT Sustainability Initiative, “Owning Impact”Project.

We went into groups analyzing how we align our efforts in operations, investments, philanthropy and advocacy across the family business, family foundations, family office, collective and individual efforts.  Session completed with taking notes on commitments on our next steps in growing our impact.

Systemic approach and the established framework offered during the session will serve as a valuable tool in navigating this journey as we move forward, and the level of participation and commitment in the room is creating hope for the future.


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