Remembering and redefining our relationship with our planet as human

We invest in, co-create and build with organizations and people who strive
towards transitioning to a net-zero future

Discover How

Driven by intentionality and a profound commitment to impact, we envision a world where every investment and collaboration nurtures the planet and all its children.

  • Invest

    We seek and invest directly in impact startups and impact funds to support inspirational leaders on their work to transform the world.

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  • Co-Create

    We move as a community, transparently and in collaboration with existing partners where possible, improving our total efficiency and decreasing our foot print.

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  • Build

    With entrepreneurial background, we build and scale technical and operational teams and organizations, where capacity is lacking.

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Intention Letter for Investing

For every direct investment we make, we craft a personal intention statement and share this with the Founders. 

We view our initial intention as both a navigational tool and a standard against which we can hold ourselves accountable.

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