Journey Song for Katapult Future Fest 2024

Between May 28-31, together with Özlem, we attended the 7th annual Katapult Future Fest in Oslo, Norway.

Katapult Future Fest is a festival where the international impact and systemic impact community come together. Although the program content resembles a conference, it offers a much more intimate and human connection with unique practices such as initiating conversations through WhatsApp groups established months before the festival, providing spaces and opportunities for participants to make their own presentations and hold their own events, and having local community members host participants in their homes.

Our intention in attending this event was to exchange experiences in the field of impact investing, to follow the latest developments in the field of systemic impact, to gain inspiration on how we can develop our own approaches, and to establish new networks. 

We both prepared a journey song for this experience and you can choose which perspective you would like to walk it from:

Onur's Song < ---- > Özlem's Song


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