Family Office Conference 2024

Family Office Conference 2024

We were in Family Office Conference at London Business School on 20-21 February 2024, where we had the privilege of meeting seasoned family office directors, academicians, and investors. This event was an incredible opportunity to delve into the workings of the world's leading family offices, understand the human behind them, and discuss the key agendas for the year ahead.

A particularly striking revelation was how many investment managers view impact as an afterthought, an "optional sauce" achievable only after securing financial returns, and often at a premium or below-market returns. This mindset intrigued us, and upon inquiring about the perceived trade-off between impact and financial returns, we were told that there's a lack of academic research supporting market-level returns on impact investments.

However, the highlight was witnessing family business owners challenge this notion head-on, emphasizing that impact should not be an afterthought but the starting point. Shifting into this new mindset unleashes unmatched growth fueled with support from all stakeholders, such as customers, government, coinvestors. We see that calling out the misconception is the starting point of the conversation in the journey from the old world to the new, where our goals are aligned with the planet, creating abundance for all.

This experience has only deepened our conviction that families, through their unique values and long-term vision, are indeed at the forefront of shaping a more sustainable and impactful future.

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