Our Intention Letter for Investing in NatureRe

Our Intention Letter for Investing in NatureRe

At Light Eagle, we place great emphasis on the role of intentionality in our investment strategy. For every direct investment we make, we craft a personal intention statement and share this with the Founders. 

We view our initial intention as both a navigational tool and a standard against which we can hold ourselves accountable.


Witnessing NatureRe's journey in advancing high integrity carbon credit project development over the past year has been both a privilege and a pleasure.


NatureRe is now preparing for a new financing round, we are committed to continuing our support for this remarkable team.

Below is my letter of intention from April 2023:


I have decided to invest in Nature-re, and I wanted to take the time to write down my process to achieve clarity of mind, inspire and connect.


My intention going forward:

I am investing in this company because their principal activity is to buy land and restore wildlife.

Their investment return strategy is to create quality carbon credits and sell these credits in a financial fund to investors or to companies who would like to offset.

This venture, in its early stages, carries significant risks, notably the reliance on the Colombian government's continued recognition of the venture's ownership rights, the preservation of the forest from natural disasters, and the sustained interest in carbon credits over the next 15-20 years. Despite these uncertainties, I am committed to this direction. Even if the investment does not yield a financial return, I am comforted by the knowledge that my contribution will aid in wildlife restoration.


Why am I investing in NatureRe?  

Over time, I've sought to align with individuals and organizations focused on forest restoration and the development of a viable business model from these efforts. Nature-re stands out in its ability to balance wildlife restoration with the generation and financialization of carbon credits, requiring a diverse skill set.  My interactions suggest that NatureRe is well-placed to fulfill its promises in all 3 fields.  They have also partnered with SouthPole which has the capacity and expertise to run operations on the field.  This is not to say that this is the only company out there trying to achieve this, or is the most advanced in terms of achieving its goals.  But after looking into this this space for 1.5 years, this is definitely a story I would like to see unfold, and I would like to be part of it.


It is crucial to have an integrity check on project development ventures, investing in forest restoration and financial product creation demands a careful balance. Overemphasis on conservation without considering the financial aspect risks veering into philanthropy rather than impact investment, necessitating external financial support to sustain the initiative. Conversely, focusing excessively on financial products can lead to detrimental practices that undermine ecosystem trust.


I was introduced to this company by a friend, and I trust the management team and partners' commitment to maintaining balance in their endeavors.  My involvement will extend to posing critical questions, visiting projects, engaging with all stakeholders, and ensuring a balanced approach that respects all voices, including that of the forest itself.



Wishing the remarkable founding team ease and lightness in their endeavors.


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