Global AI Summit by MIA

Global AI Summit by MIA

Global AI Summit by MIA

As part of our ongoing effort to keep our community informed and engaged with the latest trends, we're excited to bring you highlights from the recent AI Global Summit. 

One of our partner companies MIA hosted the Global AI Summit on 18-19th April and provided a profound look into the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence across various sectors, offering a glimpse into a future shaped by advanced technologies.

Here are some key themes from the Summit;


Future Trends and Global Impact

Futurist Ana Rold, CEO of Diplomatic Courier&World 2050 opened the summit with an exploration of 5 mega trends set to reshape our approach to policy, business, and daily life by 2050.

She led a presentation on how significant global factors, including demographic shifts, resource constraints, technological advancements, and shifts in economic power, will shape our future. She explained methods for modeling outcomes by analyzing a variety of signals, social sentiments, and trends to enhance our preparedness for what lies ahead. The session explored five major trends that are influencing the world and discussed strategies for effectively preparing to navigate the future.


Ethics and AI

A standout session featured Poonacha Machaiah, CEO of the Chopra Foundation, who delved into the ethical considerations of AI, particularly in mental health. Their insights stressed the importance of transparency and trust, advocating for AI solutions that not only support mental well-being but also uphold rigorous ethical standards.


AI in Business: Beyond Automation

Dr. Anil Kaul's session on generative AI illustrated its potential to revolutionize business processes, predicting a future where AI significantly enhances productivity and innovation. His insights into the deployment and scaling of AI within corporate structures provided a roadmap for businesses looking to leverage AI technologies.


AI for Social Good

Jennifer Li Datson and Kate Carter who have been working in non-profit organizations for years, showcased how AI is transforming the non-profit sector, particularly in enhancing fundraising efforts and operational efficiency. Their session offered practical advice on integrating AI to maximize impact and engage more effectively with stakeholders.


Human Flourishing in an AI World

Dr. Lollie Mancey from University College Dublin pointed key topics surrounding the impact of AI on human flourishing. She addressed the broad implications of AI, including both its potential benefits and the challenges it presents. Significant concerns were raised about the digital divide, as 2.7 billion people globally lack internet access, disproportionately affecting women. The discourse also touched on the responsibilities of tech companies in shaping society and the need for stringent legislation, such as the EU AI Act, to ensure uniformity in privacy, security, and ethical AI usage.

The conversation called for a slowdown in AI deployment to consider its societal impacts, potential for increasing unemployment, and the growing need for a universal basic income as automation replaces jobs. Dr. Mancey advocated for a future where community and creativity lead, suggesting that a more philosophical and artistic integration with AI could foster a more humane and equitable society.


Forward-Looking Statements

As we reflect on the numberless topics covered at the summit, from AI’s role in addressing climate change to its implications for privacy and data security, one thing remains clear: the path forward requires thoughtful collaboration across industries, governments, and communities.

We invite you to ponder these questions:

  • How can we ensure that AI developments benefit society as a whole?
  • What steps can we take to prepare ourselves and the next generation for a future integrated with AI?

Your insights and feedback are invaluable as we continue to explore these complex themes. Please feel free to share your thoughts or propose initiatives that can help foster a more inclusive AI future.

If you are keen to have some more information, you can read detailed notes about all sessions on this link.



İpek Alper Palabıyık

Light Eagle AG

Community and Partner Manager


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