Light Eagle has invested in Mia’s pre-seed round!

Light Eagle have invested in Mia's pre-seed round in March 2023.  Mia - Mission Impact Academy is a pioneering global AI school dedicated to empowering forward thinking companies and non-technical women through education in AI and emerging technologies. In addition to women-focused AI training programs, the company offers company-wide AI strategy consulting, workshops, and partnerships.

We have had the privilege of meeting with Tarja Stephens and Janna Salokangas in Davos.   Tarja and Janna's journey began with a shared realization: the world was on the cusp of a technological revolution, one that had the power to disrupt the very foundation of the workforce. They understood that this wave of frontier and emerging technologies, and AI, had the potential to either propel women forward or further marginalize them.


The following are Mia Founders Tarja and Janna's words in introducing themselves:

"With the technological revolution looming, we took action to ensure women thrive, not just survive. In 2022, Mia was born – unlocking economic opportunities globally through in-demand tech skills training, career development, inclusivity, and belonging. 

As Mia Learning Network prepares for its official launch, Beta users from over 41 countries, comprising 300+ Changemakers, are already exploring the network's offerings. Inside Mia Learning Network the changemakers can connect with a global network of women founders, explore AI through on-demand lessons, access Seven Worlds (Future, AI, Emerging tech, Tech for good, and more) for personal and professional growth, engage with fellow Changemakers, attend community events, and access the AI Resource Library to grow together.

Mia is unlocking the power of AI and the company believes that the development of Artificial Intelligence is the most important technological advance in decades. According to the World Economic Forum 75% of companies expected to adopt key technologies within the next 5 years. 300 m full-time jobs could be replaced and automated by AI and 80% of jobs at risk by AI are held by women. 

Mia believes that a new world needs new ways of learning, hiring, and growing. Mia offers short micro credential programs focused on skills development, lean, personalized learning in sync with industry demands, and interactive, project-based learning that can be applied immediately in everyday work. 

At Mia we know it won't be easy, but nothing truly worthwhile ever is. The challenges ahead of us are immense, but so is our determination. We believe that the opportunities and impact will be even greater. We envision a world where innovation, and  inclusion are the starting points not an afterthought." 

In Light Eagle believe in the importance of intentionality in our investments.  We write a personal intention about each direct investment and share it with the Founders.  Here's the one for Mia:

"I believe we are moving through a time of transformation in human history and our current models of educations are outdated.  I believe in offering mid-career upskilling opportunities is providing an underserved share of the population access to new ways to adapt and grow.  I am inspired by starting this journey with women and in emerging tech.  I do hope to be a part of a journey that will quickly ignite and reach beyond the initial scope." - Onur Eren


Hanta Yo, clear the way!


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