Happy New Year! 2023 Recap

Happy New Year! 2023 Recap

In 2023, we've been privileged to collaborate with inspiring individuals and organizations committed to making a positive impact.  

Here’s a recep of the year at Light Eagle AG.

We began the year in Davos during the week of World Economic Forum, to join the conversation and to chart our plans for the year ahead.

With the arrival of spring, we began our investments in startups and funds we had been in talks with since 2022. Throughout the year, we directly invested in Mission Impact Academy, Cauli Box, Nature-Re and Fragile while joining Extantia Climate Flagship II, 4impact Fund II, Green European Tech Fund ve Founder One funds as LP, thereby expanding our access within the impact ecosystem.

At the end of summer, we joined SunDance Anatolia with our children, where we came together in Anatolia, with participants from around the world, to express our gratitude for the gifts of life.

In the fall, we attended Building Bridges in Geneva, joining the conversation on sustainability finance.  We attended FamilyBusiness Network Global Summit, in Paris where FBNImpact was launched as a new initiative, encouraging families around the world to shift gear by starting to invest in impact ventures in addition to transforming their business’ to become sustainable.

As winter approached, we participated in Slush in Helsinki, contributing to sessions at the House of Impact through holding an Introduction to Wisdom Council, to explore together how decision-making may expand once we allow to hear all voices of life.  During the event, we established new contacts with entrepreneurs and investors, strengthening our ongoing relationships and contributing to the sustainability of impact investments.

At the end of winter, we participated in Winter Dreaming Ceremony, in Cappadocia, where we stepped into a journey to receive the dreams for all life, for the cycle ahead.

Before we close the year, we have merged our 11 year old startup studio company 8Gen with Manolya, celebrating the completion of a cycle.

While accomplishing all this, our team began to form, valuable new team members joined us.

We contributed to Turkey's Digital Transformation through our activities in NGOs.

As we enter a new year, my heart is filled with peace and hope and.  Our commitment remains unwavering.  Through strategic investments, meaningful collaborations, and our readiness to build together, we aim to catalyze change and drive progress towards a carbon-neutral future.

Wishing you a year filled with success, prosperity, and tons of meaningful moments. Here's to building a brighter, greener future together!

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